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Clínica Veterinaria Puerto de Mazarrón - Our History

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Our History

Our Clínica Veterinaria Puerto de Mazarrón was founded by Francisco Sánchez Vera in the year 1987. It all started in Murcia in a 60 m2 surface, working at the time 2 people. As time passed and considering the growth in our business we started extending our installations and staff, reaching where we are now, with 2 practices. Our principal clinic is located in the Port of Mazarron with a 220 m2 surface where we are fully equipped, with a surgical room with daily surgeries, hospital for hospitalization off animals who are in need of more intensive therapy and 24 hour emergency service.

Currently we are 4 vets, 3 nurses, 2 groomers and 1 auxiliary groomer. We are fully equipped with all the necessary ways for diagnosis and treatment of diseases that can affect our pets: Digital X ray, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Several types of monitors, complete laboratory, fully equipped surgical room where we do all types of surgeries including orthopedic surgeries with automatic respirator etc.

In our area we are a diverse community with people from all over de European union especially Brits, therefore our staff speaks English and also German and Dutch.

Our staff is in consistent progress of recycling our sources through training, conventions, online formation etc. That way we can provide our customers with the newest techniques and procedures.